IV.Financial Planning

Special-Needs Planning

Most families are not aware that if a person with special needs inherits more than $2,000 in assets–no matter what their age–they will lose their current and future eligibility for important government benefits, including Social Security’s Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Medicaid.  We can help families with special-needs children or other dependents plan for the future by providing financial solutions and preserving government benefits, which can help provide a lifetime of quality care. These families will:

  • Gain a greater understanding of government benefits.
  • Learn techniques to preserve government benefits eligibility for SSI and Medicaid.
  • Understand the options for special needs trust funding.
  • Create the Letter of Intent
  • Review legal options–including guardianship and conservatorship–when the special needs dependent turns 18.
  • Understand client self-determination issues.
  • Determine how much money is needed to provide lifetime quality care.

Peter Marmaras CFP® is a Special Needs Planner with MetLife Center for Special Needs Planning.