V.Investment Advice

Investment and Advisory Services Process

We are happy to discuss your investment philosophy and investment objectives with you. We strive to be service-oriented and responsive, offering good communication and access. We are always available for consultation and to forthrightly answer your questions. Once we have established a relationship, you will find that the balance of your investment decisions will be straightforward.

Securities we use on a regular basis include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, institutional funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and unit trusts. Our fees for investment advice are competitive. We actively work to provide investment services in the following areas:

  • Portfolio design and asset allocation that provide the potential for growth and income
  • Retirement plans, including pension, IRA rollovers, or income distribution options
  • Stock options
  • Systematic investment plans for college education or other goals
  • Estate plans and charitable giving

Investment Policy Statement

We work with the client to determine and define goals, objectives, needs, and risk tolerance and then develop the parameters of a portfolio in a written Investment Policy Statement. We review our clients’ portfolios quarterly. In addition, we typically meet or discuss with a client his or her portfolio in detail one or two times per year. Of course, changes and adjustments to holdings can be made at anytime. We make recommendations for changes to portfolios only after careful consideration of market conditions and any changes in a client’s circumstances or goals.