We Can Help Guide You Through These Decisions

It is time to make decisions regarding your retirement savings if you are leaving a job, retiring, or changing employers. Your options include:
  • Moving the money to a Rollover IRA
  • Leaving it where it is
  • Moving it to your new employer’s plan
  • Taking it in cash
  • Establishing a systematic distribution/required minimum distribution (RMD)


When you choose a Rollover IRA, you will have a wide variety of choices including:
  • Choosing funds and investments
  • Considering your need for guaranteed income
  • Evaluating if a Roth IRA conversion makes sense for you
  • Determining eligibility to maintain tax-deferred status no matter what type of employer plan your funds were held in
  • Creating flexibility for your beneficiary(ies) and future generations
  • Evaluating company stock distribution options. Depending on the original cost basis, sometimes it does not make sense to liquidate and rollover company stock.
  • Service and advice now and in the future from Marmaras & Smith, LLC.
Everyone wants to plan for retirement. We can help owners and employees of small- and mid-sized firms undertake a comprehensive evaluation of available, Qualified Plans, including:
  • Simple IRA/401(k)
  • Roth IRA/401(k)
  • 401K
  • 403(b)
  • SEP
  • Profit Sharing
  • Money Purchase
  • Defined Benefit

There are several excellent qualified retirement plan options available. Many small employers recognize the advantages offered by new “safe-harbor,” “comparability,” and “super comparability” 401(k) retirement plans. We can offer a detailed analysis of the different plan designs available to you.